And Then I Read: JSA Kingdom Come Special: SUPERMAN

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

The first comic completely written and drawn by Alex Ross does not disappoint in any way. Okay, Alex is a friend, so you can assume I’m biased, but I doubt many readers will be anything other than pleased with this comic, which returns to the world of KINGDOM COME for a moving account of what happened to the Lois Lane of that world, and how the Superman there, who has been appearing in the JSA’s recent storyline, was not able to save her despite all his powers.

And if there has ever been a more beautiful Lois than the Golden Age version shown above, I can’t recall it. Alex’s technique here is still not traditional comics pen and ink, it’s pencils enhanced with some gouache blacks and deft computer coloring tricks and talent from Alex Sinclair, as explained in the afterword. Okay, we know Alex is a terrific artist, and he’s been involved in writing comics as a plotter for some time, but the real question remaining was, how would he handle the dialogue?

Very well indeed, I thought. But, see what you think. I’m sticking with Highly Recommended.

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