And Then I Read: JSA, THY KINGDOM COME Part 2


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This is the second hardcover collection of the ongoing JSA storyline with elements from the earlier series KINGDOM COME, featuring art and writing contributions from Alex Ross. I reviewed the first part here.

I continue to be impressed with the ability of writer Geoff Johns to keep so many characters going effectively in this story. Sure, a few get lost in the shuffle, but it’s a huge cast, and most of them get their moments to shine. You know what you’re in for, though, when the first two pages are character headshots and descriptions, and the third is a synopsis.

The big development this time is the appearance of Gog from the Kingdom Come storyline, where he was mentioned but never actually seen. Turns out he’s a giant stone-like creature, and one might expect the usual superhero battles to ensue, but instead the writers take an unexpected turn by making him (apparently) a benevolent god who wants to help the people of Earth. There are still plenty of battles with Gog’s apprentice, though.

Also here is the JSA Annual I read earlier, where Power Girl is suddenly sent back to her home reality, and has a hard time adjusting. It made more sense in context, but the art is still terrific. The art on the main story is also fine, with Dale Eaglesham doing a good job on most of the pages, and Alex Ross stepping in for a few painted ones whenever the KINGDOM COME story is referenced.

If you’re not already following the JSA, this is not the place to start, but if you are, you’ll enjoy this collection. Recommended.

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