And Then I Read: JUGHEAD VOL. 1

Image © Archie Comics.

I never cared for the Archie characters as a child. Even then, in the late 1950s, they seemed old-fashioned and corny to me. I much preferred superheroes. In the last few years, Archie has been exploring lots of new options for their characters, including this new series in a style nothing like their traditional look. It’s well-written. Though the characters retain many of their trademark traits, like Jughead’s laziness and love of food, especially hamburgers, the plots are clever and modern, there’s actually funny humor as well as enjoyable parodies of other media properties like “Game of Thrones,” and this book has a complete six-issue story arc about a new principal at Riverdale High who has sinister plans, allowing for Jughead and friends to get in some action and suspense. I can’t say the art appeals to me. The original Archie style stayed unchanged for decades. The art here by Erica Henderson is also cartoony, but in a more anime/independent comics style. It’s not bad, but it takes the characters to a place visually where they aren’t very attractive to my eyes.

I admire Archie for trying lots of new things to keep their brand alive and fresh. You might like this one, it’s a pretty good read. Just not sold on the art. Also here is a sample issue of ARCHIE with a similar new style, but to my mind written and drawn just a little better.


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