And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 11

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

The Justice League is having a lot of trouble with their current villain, a writer named David Graves. A writer as a villain, interesting choice, Geoff Johns! Unable to get their hands on the fellow when they finally confront him, they fall to squabbling, in that tried and true way, with Wonder Woman taking on first Green Lantern, and then Superman. Finally they realize they have to work together to find Graves and his recent victims, including Steve Trevor. Their quest takes them to the Valley of Souls, where each League member is confronted by ghosts from their past, probably the most interesting part of this story, and one that has me looking forward to the next issue.

In the Shazam backup, things are finally getting to the heart of the matter, with Black Adam being revived by Dr. Sivana, while Billy Batson finds himself at the Rock of Eternity. Despite the slow movement of this story, I continue to enjoy the characters and don’t really mind that we have yet to see Billy become a hero, something that happened in a few pages of his first story back in the 1940s.

Here’s a page of great art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams. The art on Shazam by Gary Frank is equally good.


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