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Cheetah, the Wonder Woman opponent, is the focus of this second of two parts. The history of the Cheetah persona is explored when the League meets her worshippers in the Congo jungle, while Diana is battling Barbara Minerva, the woman who has taken on the persona and made it an evil, angry, vicious thing. At the end of the story we get more romance between Superman and Wonder Woman, which should make some folks happy. Hey, it’s a nice break from the violence at least. The Shazam backup has plenty of violence as Sivana and Black Adam come to New York in search of the Rock of Eternity. Meanwhile Billy Batson is just beginning to get a handle on his Shazam powers and what they might do for him and his friends. I see trouble ahead for them. The art on the main story by Tony Daniel and two inkers is quite good, as is the backup by Gary Frank.


The “Rise of the Third Army” event is going on in all the GL titles, but the Third Army itself is mainly in this one. It’s kind of a typical zombie-like group who want to turn all the Corps members into zombie-like beings such as themselves, and they’ve been given lots of power by the Guardians to do so. Even Guy Gardner barely escapes their clutches in this issue. Of course the Guardians are behind it all, hoping to wipe out the Corps and replace it with their mindless drones, who will gradually add every sentient being in the universe to their number. Those Guardians, always making trouble. Why they need such an elaborate method to reach their goal is unclear, but it does make for eventful action. Back on Oa, Salakk and Kilowog are still trying to be true to the Corps and their masters, but it’s getting clearer all the time that can’t last long. And John Stewart has an interesting reunion of his own. The art by Pasarin and Hanna is quite good.

Both books are recommended.

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