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These are the first two chapters of the “Throne of Atlantis” crossover written by Geoff Johns. At last a crossover in two books I’m already reading! As seen in AQUAMAN 14, Aquaman’s brother is king of Atlantis, a realm that has no love for surface dwellers. Someone knows this and literally throws a bomb at them, causing the Atlanteans to take up arms and prepare to attack large cities on the US east coast including Metropolis. Their attack is pretty impressive, and even Superman and Wonder Woman struggle to deal with it, while Batman and other Leaguers are trying to help in other areas. The attack has interrupted some other plotlines like Clark and Diana’s developing romance, but this new storyline is pretty exciting so that’s okay with me. In the Shazam backup, Billy Batson is still trying to figure out what his powers are and how to use them. He’d better get up to speed soon, as major trouble is about to arrive on his block. Terrific art on both, with Ivan Reis coming over from AQUAMAN as the penciller on the main story and Gary Frank continuing his fine work on the backup.

Aquaman15In this book, Arthur and Mera are trying to help the people of Gotham City, also under watery attack, with Batman involved of course. Vulko, the ex-Atlantean fills us in on some of the motivations for the attack, and the confrontation between brothers is finally at hand, as shown above. Now it’s up to Arthur to decide…which side is he really on? I liked the pencils by Paul Pelletier almost as much as that of Ivan Reis on previous issues.

Both titles are recommended.

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