And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 19


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Interesting things going on in this book, which for once is not connected to a crossover. First someone breaks into the Bat Cave and steals something. Something that Batman has put under lock and key in the event he needs to take down one of his teammates. And it’s not the only such item! Great idea, that. Then we have two Leaguers undercover in the Middle East, the new Atom playing video games from the inside, a talk between the big three about the relationship between two of them, and real big trouble on the League satellite, with a surprise guest that should make next issue interesting, too.

In the Shazam backup, this issue is full of back-story and explanations, after very little of that previously. Black Adam is searching for Shazam, but can’t find him as Billy Batson. Batson wants help from his mentor on the Rock of Eternity, but can’t get to it without becoming Shazam. Unexpected help comes from someone I don’t think we’ve seen before, but Billy does not benefit from her advice.

Good writing on both from Geoff Johns. The Shazam story reminds me of a teenager: hardly telling you anything you want to know, then it suddenly all spews out at once and things get even more complicated! Great art on both stories by Ivan Reis with three inkers, and Gary Frank alone on Shazam.


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