And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 2 & 3

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JUSTICE LEAGUE should be one of DC’s best titles. It’s features their best-known characters working together (more or less), one of the top art teams in super-heroic comics, and one of the top writers in the same genre. And you know what? It IS one of the best, perhaps THE best superhero comic I’ve read in some time! I’m not sure how they did it, but Geoff Johns,  Jim Lee and Scott Williams have made these characters fresh and fun for me in a way that no previous incarnation of this team has for decades. I’m sure it helps that I’ve been reading most of their relaunched solo titles as well, but that aside, this is still great comics. The leads seem young, uncertain of their roles in this sort-of alliance against common foes, but each of them quite sure of their own need to fight the menace spawned by the as-yet-unseen Darkseid…once they’ve stopped fighting with each other. (And even that familiar trope seems fresher here.)

Running as a sub-plot through these issues is the revamp of another character not previously in the Justice League: Cyborg. Victor Stone, once part of the New Teen Titans, is clearly going to become one of this gang of heavy hitters. We’ll see how he does.

Issue 3 finally brings Wonder Woman to this boy’s club, with predictable reactions that are still quite entertaining:

Perhaps this is because Diana seems the most different in personality to me from her previous versions: again, younger, somewhat innocent, full of fight, and ready for whatever adventure comes her way. The worldly-wise tactician and ambassador of previous eras worked in its own way, but this is a great new approach.

The art by Lee and Williams is, of course, top notch; they haven’t lost the spark they brought to so many previous projects from X-Men to the WildStorm universe. I’m loving this title.

Highly recommended!

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