And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 20


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Another big crossover thing is about to begin, but this issue is still entertaining and does not feel like part of a story with things missing. Despero is on the JL satellite and looking for the “real” Justice League, but finding only the newbies, who are definitely not ready for his kind of power, size and anger. Despite that, Element Woman, Firestorm and The Atom team up and work together well to deal with him as best they can, which essentially means staying alive first, calling for backup second, and generally keeping their cool and thinking fast. Help arrives from an unexpected quarter to drag Despero off, but by that time the satellite itself is in big trouble. Meanwhile, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are still dealing with the revelations of last issue about the secret suitcases in The Batcave designed to deal with each JL member in the event of their going rogue. Great art by Zander Cannon, Gene Ha, Andres Guinaldo and Joe Prado.

In the Shazam backup, we learn more about the origins of Black Adam as he confronts Billy Batson and friends in their very vulnerable human forms. This story has been more fun than I expected, and will wrap up next issue. The usual excellent and consistent art by Gary Frank, who does it all himself every month. Yes, it’s a backup, and not so many pages, but Gary’s still to be commended on all counts.


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