And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 25


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

I thought I’d seen every possible version of the Batman origin, namely the murder of young Bruce Wayne’s parents, but writer Geoff Johns has come up with a new one. It’s an alternate universe version, the origin of the completely evil and criminal Batman-type in the Crime Syndicate, from an Earth where they, the super-humans, run everything, using their powers for personal gain. It’s an interestingly twisted version of the Batman story, but I found nothing in the main character to like or sympathize with. It’s all part of the “Forever Evil” storyline, which I’m only getting bits of in this title, and from those bits I can see I’m not missing anything I’d enjoy reading.

The writing is good, even if the subject is distasteful. The art is excellent, even in it’s very realistic depictions of cruelty and violence. If you like that sort of thing, here it is. I can’t recommend it.

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