And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 29


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Justice League member Vic Stone (Cyborg) has turned for help to the new experimental androids, The Metal Men, a group which has not been touched yet by the Crime Syndicate’s master of all machines, The Grid. Writer Geoff Johns brings the metallic group to life in an appealing way (and giving us readers a welcome break from the grim stories about the Crime Syndicate). The original Metal Men from the 1960s were very subservient to their creator Doc Magnus. The new ones are much more independent and intelligent, or so they seem to me, and that’s a welcome change for our time. With their help, Cyborg attempts to take on The Grid both physically and in cyberspace, a confrontation whose outcome is very uncertain, as The Grid came originally from Cyborg’s machine side. The art by Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne is excellent, and I enjoyed this issue more than the last few.


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