And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 31


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

I was nine years old when the first issue of the original JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA came out in 1960. For a few years it was my favorite comic. I’d already been reading about Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern, and there they were in one story, with even more heroes (and heroines) and the coolest villains ever. There are moments when the new series by writer Geoff Johns gets close to that for me, as in the extensive scene this issue where we see Lex Luthor having coffee in Bruce Wayne’s living room as Lex confidently explains how he KNOWS Bruce is Batman, and why they should work together. Chilling and thrilling, a merger that could really rock the worlds of both! It’s great comics with nary a punch exchanged. Other elements of the issue involve a very evil Green Lantern ring, and hijinks on the new Justice League satellite. The art by Mahnke and Champagne is excellent.


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