And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 33


Image © DC Comics, Inc.

A young woman, Jessica Cruz, has put on a very evil version of Green Lantern’s power ring, and it now controls her mind, though she’s fighting that. The energy available to the ring makes it a powerful threat, and two super-groups are trying to contain the problem and capture the ring: the Justice League and the Doom Patrol. Naturally this leads to lots of in-fighting, as the two groups do not get along. (It’s comics, after all.) Lex Luthor shows up with a plan to help the Justice League, but he’s opposed by another brilliant mind, scientist Niles Caulder, head of the Doom Patrol. There are all kinds of struggles going on here beyond the main conflict, and one is a contest between Batman and Luthor over who’s in charge of the situation and who will save the day. When the struggle is resolved, an even more interesting conflict arises between Justice League mainstays Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman over what to do about Lex Luthor. Geoff Johns does a fine job with the script, making it about much more than fighting. The art by Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne is excellent, as always. DC’s flagship team book continues to shine in my opinion.


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