And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 34

JL34Image © DC Comics, Inc.

Rather than a large threat or battle, this issue has lots of small interesting character moments and interactions, my favorite sort. It begins with Captain Cold dealing with his new job as Lex Luthor’s security chief, then Superman and Luthor battling Gorilla Grodd, Shazam and Cyborg at S.T.A.R. Labs, Flash and the female Green Lantern at the JL Watchtower trying to work out how to deal with her evil power ring, Wonder Woman and Luthor delivering food aid in Africa, and Luthor and Bruce Wayne continuing their verbal sparring and counter-plotting. Great writing by Geoff Johns. I found the art by Scott Kolins not as effective, sometimes his sparse line work on the figures has them looking doll-like, but it wasn’t enough to pull me out of the story much.


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