And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 36

JL36Image © DC Comics, Inc.

With Ebola in the news last year, a storyline about a super-virus seems inevitable, but Geoff Johns adds a nice twist by tying it into DC history. It’s the “Amazo” virus, after the early silver age villain who could absorb the powers of any super-hero. In the case of the virus, it not only infects, it gives some kind of unpredictable super-power to the victims, which makes them much harder to deal with, as you can imagine. Half the League is down with the virus, leaving Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to deal with it, and they need to find the original victim, “Patient Zero” to get moving on that. Lex Luthor is being as helpful as he can, which is only fair, since the virus came from his own labs during a break-in. Fine character writing from Johns and equally fine art by Jason Fabok.


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