And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 4 & 5

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

I can’t help thinking how much slower stories move these days than when the Silver Age JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA  began. There a group of heroes met, faced a menace together, struggled, triumphed, and then had time to agree to form a team and set up a loose alliance and headquarters all in one issue (JLA #8, I think).

Geoff Johns is still working on getting the characters introduced to each other in these issues. And the evil they face is a big one: Darkseid and his minions, who aren’t going to go down easily even with this many heroes against them. I like the character interplay, but it is rather chaotic, with not much teamwork going on as a group yet. I guess it’s a factor of heroics today that every hero is a one-man (or woman) show in his own book and world, and they seem to carry that attitude with them to this one. Cyborg is even behind on that curve, just finding out that he’s now part machine and able to do amazing things, even he isn’t sure what yet. It does give a freshness to the whole superteam idea, but at some point I hope they can get their act together. Darkseid won’t make it any easier!

The art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams is terrific, not a surprise, and I like what he’s doing with everyone on the team, as well as the bad guys.


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