And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 42

JL42Image © DC Comics

Before I get into the story, I have to mention I like seeing the Darkseid logo I designed for the Super Powers toy version (in the 1980s) on the cover here.

The Darkseid War continues, and there are several plot threads running, all of them interesting. We have Superman and Lex Luthor on Apokolips; Darkseid and his lieutenants (I have a notion that Darkseid would never consider any higher ranks below himself); Wonder Woman and some evil characters, joined by Metron; Mister Miracle and a woman named Myrina Black, wanted by Darkseid; and finally, a group of JL members trying to get answers out of Metron, with interesting results. All handled well by writer Geoff Johns, all intriguing. I actually find Darkseid himself the least interesting player here, he’s so one-dimensional. The new characters are much more nuanced. Top level art, as usual on this title, by Jason Fabok.


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