And Then I Read: JUSTICE LEAGUE 46

JL46Image © DC Comics.

The Darkseid War has gone on too long. Darkseid is apparently dead (for now), and his remaining minions are scrabbling for power. Then we have the Anti-Monitor and his minions, the evil version of the Justice League, some of the New Gods, and finally the Justice League itself, with some of their supporting characters like Steve Trevor. Writer Geoff Johns is good at finding character moments, and keeping these balls in the air, but it’s getting tiresome all the same. As for the art, I love the work of Francis Manapul, it’s charming and full of emotion and heart, but I feel it does not serve this kind of epic battle story well. He’s great on the character moments, but the rest feels unfocused and kind of soft. Wish I could like it more, but there you go.

Mildly recommended.

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