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This book is so delightfully British I could kiss it. Paul Cornell seems to be channeling the best of British TV and comics writers, tossing out memorable lines and scenes on every page, ably abetted by artist Jimmy Broxton, whose work has a warm, organic approach and beautifully realized characters who inhabit this book, not just appear in it.

Like much of British comedy, the characters play it straight, while the audience/readers have a chuckle. For instance, this “to the Batcave” scene for Squire, taking her into Knight’s lair below an ancient castle. Oh, and the magazine she’s bringing him? “Total Castle,” with an entire cover design and funny headlines like “Groats in your Moat? We have the answers.” Nice work by letterer Steve Wands on that and all the other magazines and packaging in the village shop.

Everything about this book is a delight, even if you’re not a staunch Anglophile like me. If “Dr. Who” appeals to you, or the 60s TV show “The Avengers,” you’ll feel right at home in this one.

VERY Highly recommended!

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