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Issue 4 of this six-parter tones down the comedy and turns up the character development, which is a nice change of pace. We get some background on Knight’s fall and rise, with the help of his young Squire, as told to Beryl’s new boyfriend, another super-powered young man with a rather hot-headed attitude, making for an awkward first date. Meanwhile, Knight’s armor has taken on a life of its own, and due to some incorrect programming, tries to mix it up with our heroes.

The art by Jimmy Broxton and Staz Johnson looks great, as always, and for me this issue gets back on track, though I do kind of miss the jokes. There are still a few, as on this page, where one of the books the armor is knocking down, along with a vase, is titled “Ming Vases, Repair and Restoration.” Oh, and the butler with the sort-of southern/western US accent is a nice touch. Not sure I like the boyfriend character much, but otherwise this was a good read and recommended.

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