And Then I Read: KNIGHT & SQUIRE 5

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Apparently the mission of writer Paul Cornell and artist Jimmy Broxton for this title was to create an entire pantheon of British superheroes with backstories and entertaining names, powers and personalities. They’ve succeeded in that brilliantly, and not content, they’ve taken some of those characters further. This issue, Jarvis Poker, the British Joker is the focus. He’s just been informed he has a fatal disease and only weeks to live. Despite being very depressed about this, he can’t resist the opportunity to try to pull off one more big puzzle-filled operation. And our heroes, Knight and Squire, who have found out about JP’s health situation, are willing to play along. What a great idea for both plot and character development! Reminds me of the days when Batman and his villains worked on a similar friendly-rivalry basis. Still works for me.

The art by Broxton is charming, as always, well-drawn and inviting, yet simple and direct. Reminds me somewhat of Dave Gibbons, yet with a unique flavor. And there are some fun flashback pages in the style of old British comics, too.

Someone, however, is not pleased with all this attention the BRITISH Joker is suddenly getting. Perhaps you can guess who…?


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