And Then I Read: KNIGHT & SQUIRE 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Class. Charm. Cleverness. Dry humor. Warmth. Like many of the British people I’ve met, this series has all those things, and in the final issue, it brings the characters and their American opponent full circle in a very satisfying wrap-up. Not all is jolly, lives are lost, tears are shed, but in the end the feeling I leave with is one of having a cracking good time. I only wish all the comics I try were this much fun.

The art by Jimmy Broxton is deft, precise and very sure of itself in every line and angle. The script by Paul Cornell is full of snappy dialogue as well as heartfelt emotion, and plenty of action is present, too. Of course, issue 6 of a miniseries is no place to start, but the trade paperback is out now, and I highly recommend it to you if you’re not already reading the individual issues!

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