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I worked with Bill Willingham for many years at DC Comics, mostly on FABLES, and I love his writing. So when he offered me this preview of his new comics project at SDCC, I was happy to get it.

In an unusual move, the story is framed by a sequence taking place almost 100 years AFTER the main story, showing that Bill has things planned out thoroughly. In the frame, three treasure hunters are attempting to penetrate the lair of a dragon to capture his reputed riches. To do so they must defeat monsters and solve the maze of passageways to reach the center. When they reach it, the dragon is very different from what they expect. Meanwhile, the main story is about their famous ancestor, a feisty girl thief who seems to be from our own world, Lark. As her story begins, Lark has apparently been somehow transported from shoplifting at Walgreens into a medieval fantasy world she knows nothing about. Nothing except that there are three men trying to catch and kill her! Luckily, Lark is quick on her feet, and quick-witted enough to evade her pursuers, at least for a while. Lark doesn’t understand the world she’s now in, though, and when she flees into an inn looking for help, she seems to have gone from the frying pan to the fire.

This was a fun read, and at 33 pages, a good chunk of story that introduces intriguing characters and ideas. Willingham has always excelled at portraying tricksters, and this book has plenty of them. The art is by Mark Dos Santos, whose work I don’t recall seeing before, though he has plenty of credits covering the last 15 plus years. It’s a bit too cartoony for my taste in a story of this kind, pulling it toward Anime or Disney, but he certainly draws well and knows his stuff.

This was a fun read from a friend and favorite comics writer. I hope the book does well, and I look forward to seeing more of it. Recommended.

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