And Then I Read: LEGACIES 5 & 6

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

These two issues of LEGACIES, a sort of summary of DC’s history, covers the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, the major company crossover event in the 1980s that began the trend, at least at DC. Writing is Len Wein, and drawing are George Perez and Jerry Ordway…again! You know these guys are either mad or troopers to tackle just about every DC character again, as they did in the original series. Perez pencils issue 5, inked by Scott Koblish, Ordway pencils issue 6, inked by Perez. I enjoyed revisiting the epic, and the aftermath, which is mostly what issue 6 covers. Despite the story being much condensed, it still works. In some ways perhaps it works better.

Here’s a page from issue 6, looking quite good to me. Ordway’s very solid storytelling is the anchor here, while in issue 5 the Perez madness of “how many characters can you get into one page” is as astounding as ever. Recommended!

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