And Then I Read: LEGACIES 7

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This issue of the series that outlines DC history as it’s now officially known focuses on the battles and downfalls of it’s two biggest characters: Superman vs. Doomsday and Batman vs. Bane. In a way it puts a spotlight on how the success of big crossover stories led to an apparently endless parade of them, and these two were very big in their time. Now, looking back, they seem much less important, and the retelling comes through that way. Nothing wrong with the writing or art, but we all know Superman and Batman are going to be back soon enough, so there isn’t that much drama in it.

The main story art by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway is fine, and the condensed version by Len Wein reads well, but there’s nothing very exciting about it to me as a reader.

The backup story is more appealing, since it presents the first interior art by Brian Bolland I’ve seen in quite a while, and the subject is fun, too, sending The Atom back in time to the fall of Camelot. Brian gets to draw some of his characters from Camelot 3000 again like Merlin, Arthur and Morgaine Le Fey, as well as other DC heroes and villains like the Shining Knight, the Silent Knight and The Demon. Lovely to look at, fun to read, and it puts this issue on my recommended list.

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