And Then I Read: LEGENDERRY 1


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It’s been a while since I read something written by Bill Willingham that wasn’t in a script I was about to letter. While I’m not a big steam punk fan, I thought this sounded promising. I read the issue without any knowledge of the characters, at first thinking they were all new, though the name Britt Reid rang a bell, and in looking at the indicia afterward, I found lots of licensed characters mentioned, some of which I could identify, some not. On the cover you can see what I missed: the steam punk versions of The Green Hornet and Kato, though neither appear as such in this first issue. The lady on the left is apparently a new version of Vampirella, though that name is only mentioned in passing on the inside cover. Inside she’s named Madam Pendragon, the owner of the night club where most of the story takes place. The other woman has been pursued by some kind of villain corps into the night club, and is rescued by Madam Pendragon. Her name is Magna Spadarossa, and is apparently related to a version of Red Sonja. None of this is made clear in the story itself, but it seems the entire cast is a conglomeration of licensed characters.

The story takes place in The Big City, Willingham’s steam punk version of Victorian New York perhaps, and the opening scene has Britt Reid expounding on the perfect martini before the action begins. The writing is clever and entertaining, if not very enlightening about the characters themselves. The art by Sergio Davila is quite good, and the book looks fine overall. I’m going to read on and see if things become clearer, but at present I can only give this a mild recommendation.

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