And Then I Read: LEGION OF 3 WORLDS #5


Images © DC Comics, Inc.

It took a long time to reach the public, and longer for me to get to it, but the final issue of this FINAL CRISIS spinoff was worth the wait. Writer Geoff Johns and artist George Perez seem to be having way too much fun trying to depict every Legionnaire created in the 50 years of the series, many in multiple versions, and still somehow manage to tell an entertaining story. Sure, it’s hard to follow at times, but the main thread — defeating the evil Superboy Prime — holds it together.


You can see why this might have taken George a while, though I don’t know of another artist who thrives on this kind of over-the-top character work like he does. And the story ends in an interesting meta-fictional way, which I liked a lot.

I didn’t see much in the entire FINAL CRISIS event that I wanted to read, but this series was a shining exception, especially for Legion of Super-Heroes fans. And a preview of the new Legion series in a relaunched ADVENTURE COMICS rounds out the book. Recommended.

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