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First off, I have to point out that there is no revamp for the New 52 Legion. In fact, these issues essentially continue on from the previous series, with perhaps a month or two of time elapsed (as it did in the real world). Nor is it particularly new-reader friendly. It jumps right into a battle on a distant world without any explanation. In fact, without those handy character labels that have become standard on the book, a new reader would not even know which of the characters were meant to be Legionnaires. Paul Levitz did sort of relaunch the book when he started writing it again, not that long ago, so I guess that’s the thinking here, but I wonder if new readers will wade through the convoluted storylines in these issues and get involved enough to continue.

In the first issue, a recon team is sent to the planet Panoptes, which recently cut off communications. They suspect trouble and they find it pretty quickly. The team is a mix of old and new members, and some of the new characters seem interesting, but none of them get that much time in the spotlight before battles break out.

As the opponent in the second issue, there’s Res-Vir of Daxam, with a huge chip on his shoulder. He considers his entire world held prisoner. Like Mon-El, they all have the powers of Superman, but are severely allergic to lead, and so not able to leave their world. Res-Vir has found a way out, though, and he’s pissed at the Legion, and powerful enough to do something about it.

Back on Earth Brainiac-5 and others are still picking up the pieces from the attacks of Saturn Queen and her gang in the previous series, and investigating new restrictions on time travel, noted as “The Flashpoint Effect.”

The art by Francis Portela (pencils and inks) looks fine. Having to draw so many characters must make his job harder, and I can only wonder how he could keep it up monthly, but so far so good. Also nice to see a cover by Chris Sprouse and Karl Story on issue 2.

Recommended, but especially for those who already follow the LSH.


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