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As one of DC’s longest-running team books, LSH has had lots of creative teams and approaches, some of which I read and enjoyed, some I passed by. I was a fan and constant reader when Paul Levitz wrote the series in the past, and I can say I will be now again. Paul jumps right in with a firm grasp of all the characters and how they should interact, a plotline that continues from recent efforts but goes in new, interesting directions, and the same kind of snappy dialogue and cool character moments that made his earlier work on the title fun to read. Welcome back, Paul!

Without getting into all the details of the plot, let me just say that Paul’s signal that he will not be satisfied with the status quo is to blow up one of the Legion homeworlds, leaving debris and repercussions of all kinds, from a flood of now-homeless refugees on Earth to one of that world’s major villains striking deep into the Legion for revenge. Meanwhile, at Legion HQ on Earth, the team is being forced by Earth politics to accept as a new member a man with a history of hatred and violence toward non-humans. And, not only is this man, Neidrigh, a new Legionnaire, he’s also been unexpectedly chosen as Earth’s Green Lantern. That should mix things up even more!

The art by Yildiray Cinar, Francis Portela and Wayne Faucher is accomplished and attractive, capturing the characters well, with fine “acting,” good storytelling and exciting action scenes and layouts. I can’t say it rises above the high standards set in the past, but it certainly stands up well. This should be a fun ride.


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