And Then I Read: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 10 & 11

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

The Dominators have kidnapped two Legionnaires, Brainiac 5 and Dream Girl. For political reasons, the Legion can’t just send a team after them, but one goes anyway without official sanction and without official Legion members: Star Boy (on medical leave), Duplicate Damsel and Bouncing Boy (not active members, heads of the Legion training school) and a few of their best students. It’s not much of a team power-wise, but the best that can be done in the circumstances. Meanwhile, the Dominators are trying to invade their captives both mentally and physically in search of DNA and powers they might co-opt. Brainy and Dream Girl are holding out so far, but DG has had a premonition about their hoped-for rescuers. One rescuer is going to betray them!

I continue to enjoy and be impressed with writer Paul Levitz’ work on this title. It’s kind of a chess game with so many characters, but it never feels completely plot-driven, the players all have their character moments and the twists and turns are unexpected.

Regular artist Francis Portela is joined on both issues by the team of Andres Guinaldo and Dan Green. The result is not seamless, but both styles work together reasonably well, and I’m sure it takes some deadline pressure off Francis. It works for me. The covers by Steve Lightle are great.


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