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It’s just a guess, but I think writer Paul Levitz enjoys writing Brainiac 5. This issue he steps from the sidelines into the power seat and takes charge when no one else seems willing or able to do so. Temporarily, perhaps, I guess we’ll see. It’s a masterfully-written moment for the book and the character. The other main plotline concerns the continuing investigation into Durlan assassins, and the trail leads to the home of former LSH founder R.J. Brande, also a Durlan. This brings some surprises for Chameleon Boy and his team. Frankly, when characters who can assume any possible shape are involved, it’s hard to keep track of who is who sometimes, but Levitz and artists Cinar and Faucher do pretty well.

Here’s Brainy taking charge and laying down the law. In this case, all those character tags are a bit much, with one right over a character’s face — not a good placement job by the letterer, but they do help sort out the characters. With all the color hold and glow effects, comics coloring has come a long way, but at times all those effects tend to overwhelm the art. I think that’s the case on this page, in my opinion. In general, the art is quite good, though.


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