And Then I Read: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 13 & 14

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

The many storylines that Paul Levitz has been spinning since returning to the Legion are now converging and coming to a head. In these issues, the some of the band of villains headed by Saturn Queen is facing off against some of the Legion on Colu, while others are following her trail to a previously unseen world, home to immortal wise men. One calls it Utopia. Saturn Queen means to destroy this world with the help of an entity known as the Blue Flame, born in the original sin of Krona at the beginning of all things. That’s where the final stand-off will take place in the final two issues of this run, comining up. Some of the story threads gathered in here include Earth-Man, the former opponent of the Legion, now an uneasy ally, and the mysterious Professor Li, formerly of the Time Institute, among others. Paul keeps it all in the air and full of action and excitement, and those handy little character labels (great idea) keep the characters straight for readers as they’re introduced.

The art by Cinar and Glapion on 13 and Dagnino and Fernandez on 14 is all quite good. Wherever they’re getting all these new artists with spanish- or latin-sounding names, it’s working for them! No complaints here. The one thing I found annoying was the “Subway” advertising comics inserts, but they help pay the bills, I suppose.



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