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I’m not sure what appeals to me about the Legion of Super-Heroes at this point in my life. Perhaps it’s that team dynamic set against a future world where, in general, life is good and science has continued to advance in cool ways, much like the Star Trek universe. Of course, life is often not so good for members of the Legion, or there would be no story. Brainiac 5 is trying to uncover the way that Comet Queen was turned against the group in the last storyline, delving into her mind. Cosmic Boy is seriously wounded and in hospital. Element Lad and Chemical King are trailing raiders from Braal with powers greater than their own. Other crises and investigations continue in other places. One thing that’s different these days is, the League is very spread out. The art by Scott Kolins is in an open line style, which I think might be new, that I find appealing, and is probably quicker for him, too. At times it’s a little cartoonish, but not enough to distract from the story. Good coloring by Javier Mena helps.

Flash14In FLASH 14 we have more battles with Grodd and his super gorillas. While I’m still not fond of the current belligerent but kind of stupid Grodd, giving him the Speed Force powers of Flash himself makes this a tough battle for Barry Allen, and a story that held my interest. Subplots involving the Central City police crime lab, the injured Doc Elias, and the missing Iris West are moving along slowly this time, but it all works pretty well. And the painted-style art and coloring by Manapul and Buccellato looks great, as always.

Both books are recommended.

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