And Then I Read: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 15 & 16

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

In past eras titles like this went on and on without end, despite creative changes, and never really came to a major resolution. That’s different in the last two decades when LSH has ended several times and been relaunched. This time the relaunched has been long known and well planned, and writer Paul Levitz makes good use of the coda to bring all his storylines to a crescendo and conclusion, or at least as much of one as you can with properties like this. Just about every active Legionnaire has a part to play (another thing Paul is good at), and one of them does not make it through, as the above cover suggests. Is it exciting and eventful? Yes. Does it bring out the best and worst of heroes and villains? Certainly. Is it emotionally satisfying? I thought so. In fact, I thought Paul’s final captions on the last page were not only very wise but moving. Well done!

The art by Cinar and Glapion on 15 and Hdr and Deering on 16 all looks great to me. This series goes out (briefly) on a high note that everyone can be proud of, and we’ll see where Paul takes the Legion next in the new 52. Recommended.

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