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Writer Paul Levitz continues to shake things around in this title, and in a good way. There are plotlines aplenty, and all of them are interesting. Saturn’s moon Titan, home of several Legionnaires, has been destroyed, bringing the wrath of their enemy Saturn Queen down on them. The new Legionnaire Earth-man, who everyone suspects of treachery, also has to deal with the Green Lantern ring that has come his way, and is demanding his attention. Founding members Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad are in search of their abducted children, and the trail leads into the darkest part of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World. Then there’s the problem of refugees from Titan, not wanted on Earth, and at Legion Headquarters, a new leader election is brewing. There’s more, but that gives you some idea. Good stuff.

The art by Yildray Cinar and Francis Portela, with inking help from Wayne Faucher, looks great. Dynamic, yet realistic enough to carry the weight of all the futuristic settings and inhuman characters. I’m not sure who did what in this tag-team operation, but it shows no seams, and appears to be a cohesive effort. LSH has rapidly become a title I look forward to reading. And I’m happy to see the character tags surviving from the previous run of this title, it makes it much easier to remember who’s who and follow the many storylines. Recommended.

One thought on “And Then I Read: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 3 & 4

  1. Whalehead King

    The Legion is my favorite. While I’m reading this series, I’m still not enamored. I’m giving it a few more issues, maybe till the end of the year. I’m feeling this is Bronze Age goodness filtered through modern printing techniques. I still prefer the Showcase books. No slight to Levitz intended. I just feel like I’m reading a remix of past storytelling tricks. It’s heavy handed and I feel the dialogue and interactions are trapped in the 80s. I wouldn’t mind a Shooter-esque two-parter to break up the monotony and tell a story rather than fill an issue with interpersonal filler and shorthand character development.

    I am becoming a crank about the Legion. Every reboot leads me to more doldrums in which I read on autopilot. Sorry.

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