And Then I Read: LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 43 & 44

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I’m continuing to enjoy Jim Shooter’s run on Legion.

First, can I just say that it’s refreshingly easy to figure out where one is in the Legion universe, and which characters are in each scene because these things are always labeled. Sure, it takes up a little picture space, but makes the reading experience much more reader-friendly than some other DC books I’ve tried lately. Not that the labelling is new with this run, it’s been there all along, just wanted to tip my hat in appreciation.

While Legion teams continue to battle enemies and supposed allies on planets Rimbor and Velmar V with intense action and clever maneuvering, the story of the Legion’s legislative and legal problems back on Earth have finally come to a head…and in issue 44 are resolved in a brilliant and very entertaining way. The only downside is that the new penciller on issue 44, Sanford Greene, has a style considerably different from previous main penciller Francis Manapul, and the transition is somewhat jarring. Once I got past that, I really had a good time with the story, and the art isn’t bad, just took a little getting used to.

I understand that issue 50 will end this run and title for a while, which is too bad, but at least it has been a fun ride, and I’ll certainly be reading the remaining ones. Recommended.

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