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As the Jim Shooter run on this title rolls toward it’s conclusion, I’m continuing to enjoy it. Is it the best written of this particular Legion series? Close, but I have to give Mark Waid’s launch run the top honors there. Is the art, mainly by Francis Manapul the best? No, I’d have to give Barry Kitson’s art for most of the Mark Waid issues the nod there, as well. But, all things considered, these issues by Shooter and company have been right up there: entertaining, well-written, well-drawn, well done.

What makes it work for me is plot driven by character, and with the Legion, the characters of the Legionnaires begins with their powers, but goes much further, exploring their homeworld upbringing (with all the oddities that brought to their lives), family issues, friendships and relationships with other Legionnaires, unexpected talents, personality quirks, and so on. Shooter knows these characters inside and out, and it shows. He not only knows how to push each one’s buttons, but why they react the way they do. If you haven’t been following the book thus far, it’s a bit late to jump in here, but even picking up a random issue can be rewarding, if perhaps somewhat confusing. Reading the Shooter run collected, or better, the entire series, would be a worthwhile thing, I think.

Rick Leonardi’s art for issue 47 is once again pretty far off-model, but in an interesting, stylized way. A bit distracting, but not too much, and Rick’s art itself is quite elegant and lively.


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