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Well the Jim Shooter run is over, and I’m sad to see it go. I’d never read much of anything by Shooter before, and I was impressed and pleased with his writing on this book. In issue 48, for instance, he takes that old chestnut, the new member tryouts, and makes it fun, clever, and fresh. Things are already beginning to feel rushed later, though, when Sun-Boy returns and merely tells us why because there’s no room in the issue to show it. It’s no secret that the book’s end was ordered sooner than originally planned, and I think the final three issues show it, especially 50, which is kind of a mad gabble of explanations and endings and setups for the Legion of Three Worlds  book already running. I don’t know how involved Shooter was in the writing of 50, but he chose not to have his name on it, so that says a lot (or maybe it was chosen for him, I don’t know.)

Main artist Francis Manapul did a fine job with his end as well. His faces are a somewhat manga influenced, but they do manage to convey a good range of emotions and acting, as does his body language. I think that’s key in a space opera like this one. The lettering and coloring were always well done, too.

I know the Legion will be back. Whether I will depends on what the next series looks and reads like, I guess. This entire 50 issue set, from Mark Waid’s beginning to Shooter’s ending (minus issue 50) was enjoyable throughout.

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