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First off, I think this cover is one of the most successful in the “giant symbol” series from DC. It helps that the Legion symbol is long-used and well-established. And it’s a cool symbol, simple yet stylish.

This issue might have been called, “The Trouble With Durlans,” as the shape-shifting species that gave the Legion Chameleon Boy (as well as Legion founder R.J. Brande) is still the focus of trouble on Earth. Chameleon Boy and Brainiac 5 are visiting Durla to try to find out more about the assassins, and they get a hostile reception that somehow reminded me of Americans trying to negotiate with The Taliban, but maybe that’s just me. Back on Earth, the Legion is trying to help protect the United Planets councilors, but when assassins can take any shape of any size, it’s pretty tough. Meanwhile, Dawnstar is still critically ill, and the focus of both the Legion and the Science Police, who need her tracking skills. Tellus tries to help by entering the unconscious mind of Dawnstar, with interesting results.

The art by Cinar and Faucher is quite good, a strong support to the writing of Paul Levitz, and the fact that the Legion is largely off in its own corner of the DC Universe makes this and ADVENTURE more fun to read than some of the other DC books I follow. Sure, the cast is huge, but the stories are easy to follow and go to interesting places, both physically and intellectually.


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