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This comic is a good example of what a writer who really knows his way around the DC Universe, and how to make the right connections in it, can do. Saturn Queen is on a villainous rampage, gathering a group of like minds with plans to destroy the Legion and everything they care about. Her search for power takes her to some unusual places, like the Rock of Eternity from the Captain Marvel stories, for instance. I won’t say any more, except that I found her chilling and oh-so-clever, a worthy challenge for the Legion when she finally faces them. Sure, she’s clearly a psychopath, but I had to admire her clear-eyed focus on her goal. Writer Paul Levitz is up to speed, and gaining altitude with this book, which will continue in LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 11. Looking forward to it!

The art by Francis Portela is fine, though at times the characters seem a little wooden and puppet-like. Not sure why, either it’s the rendering and colors, or perhaps the body language. It didn’t detract from the story, but was something I noticed. Otherwise, it’s well done and effective.


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