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The final issue of this miniseries wraps things up nicely, and in some ways that I found surprising, though I can’t say too much about that without giving away plot points, so I won’t. Though I had some doubts that there was enough story to tell about the early days of The Legion without repeating past stories, Paul Levitz proved me wrong. There’s plenty of fresh events and fine character moments here that I haven’t seen before.

The art by Chris Batista and Marc Deering has a refreshing openness to it that is kind of a nice break from the very busy and detailed art many of today’s comics have. There’s room for the characters to breathe, and interact, and relate to each other without lots of clutter. Perhaps a bit more variety in shot choices would be a good addition to the mix (distant shots, high and low angles, extreme closeups, silhouettes), as there’s not too much of that, but overall this is really nice work, and the characters are portrayed in a way that I find appealing and even playful, appropriate for their young age, though they don’t look as young as they did in the real early Legion stories.


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