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I thought I’d give this a try expecting it to be a rehash of early Legion history and something I didn’t need to read again, but it’s not that. It’s essentially a new story fit in before and around the beginnings of the Legion, and damn if Paul Levitz didn’t get me hooked! Of course, the Legion origin has come a long way from its real beginnings way back in ADVENTURE COMICS 247 in 1958, more than 50 years ago. Not only the story itself but the world it takes place in have grown and matured and become more complicated. This story only adds to that, but in a good way! The given is that the Legion’s “sponsor,” the wealthy R.J. Brande is targeted for assassination. We know that will happen, but this story fills in lots more around that, including looks at the founding members and some who joined early in the process of getting together. Paul has always handled Brainiac 5 well, and here the character is in top form, snotting up the place with his superior attitude, which is only made more amusing by the fact that he’s always right.

I find the art by Chris Batista and Marc Deering to be the best Legion art I’ve seen in a while. The approach reminds me of Chris Sprouse, with well-drawn figures, clean lines, a nice variety of shots and angles, and expressive faces and body language. This is fine work by everyone involved.


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