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When I began this series I had doubts about whether it would hold my interest: another visit to the early days of the Legion, but I like Paul Levitz’ writing enough to try it. I needn’t have worried, there’s plenty here to hold my interest. In fact, I think I’m enjoying this more than the regular Legion book Paul also writes, perhaps because the cast is smaller (though growing rapidly). The storyline is a tricky one for any reader who knows Legion history. The founding father of the group, R. J. Brande, sort of the Donald Trump of this era, is heading toward assassination. Each issue so far there’s been an attempt. We know one of them will succeed. Paul is keeping us wondering about who exactly is behind these attempts, while developing his Legion cast in their earliest days, weeks and months. Various other players, political, governmental, and military have their oars in, and no one except Brande seems to believe the Legion is going to work. We know it will, but getting there is half the fun. And at the end of issue 4 we see a super person on the horizon.

I like the art by Chris Batista and Marc Deering. At times it reminds me of Chris Sprouse, which is a good thing. Occasionally there are odd distortions in the characters’ faces, especially when they’re smaller. That might be an inking issue, I don’t know. But generally it all works quite well. And one nice thing about characters in costumes: an artist can give them a fair amount of personal style and we still know them and can adjust to that, easier than with regular folks I think. Oh, and nice explosion up there by letterer Dezi Sienty using multiple outlines.


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