And Then I Read: LITTLE MOUSE GETS READY by Jeff Smith


© Jeff Smith.

I rarely buy books for very young readers, but I couldn’t resist this one by BONE creator Jeff Smith. It’s published by Toon Books, a division of Raw junior, who also put out the “Little Lit” collections.

Not since “The Cat in the Hat” have I seen a book for beginning readers that I found so entertaining. The art is delightful, the story, though very simple, is a charming and funny. It’s basically a one-joke book, about as much reading as one might find in a typical PEANUTS Sunday page, but I bet any young reader will want to go through it over and over. And Smith is doing his best Walt Kelly-ish cute animals, which makes sense, as Kelly did lots of great comics for young readers in his day. There are more in this smart series that is trying to “bring new readers to the pleasure of comics.” Here, here! Well done, one and all.  Highly recommended.

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