NemoReturn1Image © Eric Shanower, Gabriel Rodriguez & IDW.

Little Nemo is certainly in the air these days, with several Nemo-related projects in print or upcoming. This one is an original series based on the Winsor McCay original Sunday comic strip known for its brilliant surrealistic visuals. McCay’s strip usually had no continuity, it was something different every time, ending at the last panel with the sleeping Nemo falling out of bed and waking up from his strange dream journey. Writer Eric Shanower follows the same idea here, sort of. The issue begins in the throne room of King Morpheus of Slumberland as a new playmate is being chosen from the children of the waking world for the king’s daughter. The original Little Nemo filled that role, and this time the Princess is taken with another boy whose middle name is conveniently also Nemo. A series of dream emissaries are sent to bring the new Nemo to Slumberland, and each attempt gets a little farther, but fails with the falling-out-of-bed gag. But by issue’s end, Nemo reaches Slumberland, which is presented in a magnificent two-page spread by artist Gabriel Rodriguez. This book is an interesting choice for Rodriguez after his previous series, LOCKE & KEY, a chilling horror masterpiece written by Joe Hill. Rodriguez’s style here is an effective blend of McCay style and characters with his own style, most evident in the character’s faces and body language. There’s not much drama here, but plenty of wonder and enchantment. I’m looking forward to more.


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