NemoReturn2Image © Eric Shanower, Gabriel Rodriguez & IDW.

This issue the new Nemo finally gets to spend a lot of time in Slumberland at the court of King Morpheus, where’s he prepped as the new playmate for the King’s daughter, a role Nemo is not too happy about. Writer Eric Shanower has fun with the bureaucracy and silly customs of the court in this amusing sequence. Then Nemo and the princess tour the royal gardens and Flip, the irreverent rascal shows up and does his best to interfere, but Nemo, whose real first name is Jimmy, seems to like Flip better than the Princess, leading to more trouble for Slumberland. The art on this book is fantastic, full of wonderful architecture and amazing animals, people and plants, not to mention tons of delicate detail. Artist Gabriel Rodriguez does original Nemo creator Winsor McCay proud. The story is light and somewhat fluffy, but so were the stories in the original strip, so I suppose that’s fair enough. Since this comic offers a longer narrative format than a Sunday comic strip, a more involving story could make it even better, but it’s a fine read and a visual treat.


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