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Thom Zahler is a smart man. I was not surprised when he sent me a package of his LOVE AND CAPES issues a while back, hoping I’d read and review them. I did, and liked them enough to happily buy this second collection of the series. What I like best about it is the characters, the situations (it is a situation comedy, after all) and the humor. The comics context and in-jokes are a bonus if you’re a longtime comics reader.

The first six issues culminated in Crusader proposing to his non-super girlfriend Abby, and this set continues the theme to their wedding. Along the way they must deal with Crusader’s evil twin, a clever plot by The Evil Brain to kill Crusader in the past, and Abby’s own temporary super-powers. More importantly they have to deal with wedding plans, old girlfriends, each others’ families, and all the little problems of everyday life. Those are the parts that really shine.

Thom does a nice job with the art. There are some elements I’m not crazy about, like the way all the men’s eyes are tiny, while all the women’s are huge, but it’s his style and he’s sticking with it. The cartoony approach certainly works fine for this light-hearted series. I’m not crazy about the semi-transparent balloons, I find that distracting, and my ageing eyes wouldn’t mind if the upper and lower case font was a tad larger, but those are minor points. This is fun reading, it’ll make you smile and even laugh out loud occasionally. Not many comics can say that these days.


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