And Then I Read: LOVE AND CAPES Vol. 3

Images © Thomas F. Zahler.

If you’re not reading LOVE AND CAPES, you’re missing a good thing. It’s a situation comedy with superheroes. Think “Friends” crossed with The Justice League. In Volume 1 our hero, The Crusader (in his civilian guise as Mark, a mild-mannered accountant) meets a feisty bookstore owner, Abby. They date, they have misadventures, he reveals his identity to her, funny situations ensue. In volume 2 their romance takes a number of hairpin turns and ends up with a wedding. Volume 3 begins with the end of the happy couple’s honeymoon, and continues with the trials of their new life together, finding and buying a home, getting along with each other’s relatives and friends, and more, all complicated by Mark’s super-powered job. For instance, an important dinner with his in-laws gets sabotaged when a sorcerer turns him into a child.

Thom’s art is on the cartoony side, but his stories and dialogue are maturely wise and funny. I do have a few problems with some elements of his style, like the huge eyes on the women versus the tiny ones on the men, but mostly I can overlook that and enjoy the stories and characters. It’s not all laughs, there are some serious character moments, but overall it’s a fun series with quite a few amusements and gags, especially for fans of superhero comics.


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