And Then I Read: MADAME XANADU 22 & 23

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

Matt Wagner and Amy Reeder finish off the “Broken House of Cards” storyline in fine fashion. This 1950’s storyline focuses in on the battle between Nimue and her sister Morgana, both wielders of powerful magic, and Nimue’s current friend John Jones, possessor of unique abilities himself. Morgana chews up the scenery magnificently, and has a nasty surprise for the Martian Manhunter. Nimue has her work cut out for her against her more powerful sister.

The art of Amy Reeder (apparently dropping the Hadley from her name) has never looked better than when she’s pitting these two immortals against each other in a lengthy test of wills and of magics. Inker Richard Friend adds a lot to the finished pages, too, and the coloring by Guy Major and lettering by Jared K. Fletcher are equally helpful.This book shines when this team is on it. It’s a bit late to jump onto this storyline, but when it comes out collected I suggest you give it a try. Recommended!

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