And Then I Read: MADAME XANADU 24 – 28

Images © DC Comics, Inc.

This series ends with issue 29 I think, and I’ll be sorry to see it go. Writer Matt Wagner has produced an entertaining series, following the title character through her history from Arthurian times to the 1960s in this story arc, lots of variety in both the story types and settings, but continuing to allow Xanadu’s character to develop and grow. Each of the issues in this arc is drawn or painted by a different artist, and each focuses on one of the five senses. Xanadu herself takes a lesser role than usual, most often coming in toward the end to solve problems and deal with supernatural events. The artists: Marley Zarcone, Laurenn McCubbin, Chrissie Zullo, Celia Calle and Marian Churchland all give their stories a unique style, and I liked the results a lot. The covers by Mark Buckingham are also effective.

Here’s a page from issue 28 by Churchland. I have to admit I miss Amy Reeder, who I understand will be back for the final issue, but I enjoyed reading all these stories, which remind me of the sort that used to run in HOUSE OF MYSTERY and HOUSE OF SECRETS in the 1970s, though the longer length gives them more room to breathe and deepen characters and settings. Issue 26, about a homeless boy with a horrible odor, was particularly memorable, both charming and chilling. Well done all, and recommended.

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